Here are some past webinars CAAP has organized, broadcast from a bamboo loft at Hubud in Bali:

20 Jun 2017

Coworking Tips: Why Coworking Spaces Should Bring Its Community Online

In this talk Gianluca, former community manager of ECE, now working for Bisner, as head of growth tells us about the idea of how to take the community that we have today offline, online.

Host: Steve Munroe
Guest: Gianluca Bellen, Head of Growth at Bisner

06 Jun 2017

Industry View: The Rise of Co-Living

In this Webinar, Alysia Hamilton talks about Co-Living spaces and the importance of hospitality. Co-living is about bringing a housing community back together, be inspired by each other and redefine what home looks like.

Host: Vitto Christaldi
Guest: Alysia Hamilton from Roam International

16 May 2017

Coworking Tips: How to Win Hearts With Powerful Storytelling

In this Webinar, the chief of marketing officer of The Working Capitol, Matthias Schuecking, talks about how to create a powerful story – one of the crowd’s favorite talks at CUAsia 2017.

Host: Vitto Christaldi
Guest: Matthias Schuecking, CMO at the Working Capitol

02 May 2017

Industry View: Mobilising Coworking Spaces at National-Level

Besides being the co-founder of Kumpul, she is also the president of Coworking Indonesia, and in this video, Faye Alund introduces us to mobilizing coworking spaces at a national level. Listen to how Coworking Indonesia started, what it aims to do and how we can all help to bring the coworking movement further.

Host: Vitto Christaldi
Guest: Faye Alund, President of Coworking Indonesia

18 Apr 2017

Coworking Tips: How to Increase Community Engagement Through Creative Events

Events – the vehicle to create opportunities for people to connect. In this Webinar Kyrie will introduce you to the importance of events to create, increase and engage community within your space.

Host: Vitto Christaldi
Guest: Kyrie Melnyck, founder of 7in7

11 Apr 2017

Industry View: Partnership with Coworking Spaces

One of the key features of Betahaus is their partnership with other coworking spaces worldwide, that enables their members to exchange and network without restrictions. That’s how to world works today, global community, global spaces – Listen to Christoph Fahle, Cofounder of Betahaus, how these partnerships evolved.

Host: Vitto Christaldi
Guest: Christoph Fahle, Cofounder of Betahaus

28 Mar 2017

Coworking Tips: Tricks to Build an Impactful Community

Once you’re running a space it’s very difficult to think about anything else than running a space. There is so much more we can do than just renting space out to people. If you’re able to build a really great, thriving community of people caring about the space they’re in, you’re gonna have a way easier time to attract more people, keeping them and growing your community.

Host: Vitto Christaldi
Guest: Tony Baciagalupo, founder of New Work City & Coworking Coach

01 Dec 2016

Coworking Tips: How your space can benfit from hosting Startup Weekend

Listen to Andrei Beno, global Startup Weekend facilitator, talking about what value startup weekend can bring to your space, how to pull it off and what to focus on.

Host: Vitto Christaldi
Guest: Andrei Beno, global facilitator for Startup Weekend

13 Jul 2016

Coworking Tips: The secret to managing several spaces

Join Ash as he shares the ins and outs of managing 5 coworking spaces in Mumbai. Amidst the growing crowd of startup youth, it comes with a unique set of challenges — the idea of community; extending the community; and reaching outside of the community’s comfort zone.

Host: Maria Bianca Vega
Guest: Ash Goenka, Founder of Mingle and Bombay Connect

25 May 2016

Coworking Tips: How I closed a 250k sponsorship deal in 13 days

Join Mike LaRosa, Cofounder & Publisher of Coworkaholic, in this live, interactive webinar on how to develop and execute an effective partnership and sponsorship strategy.

Host: Maria Bianca Vega
Guest: Mike LaRosa, Cofounder of Coworkaholic

12 Oct 2016

Industry View: Coworking Spaces and NSR (Nomad Social Responsibility)

Nomad Social Responsibility is about shifting the global flow of people, knowledge, and capital into a force for good. Learn more about this movement with Stephanie Arrowsmith of VSS and specific ways that nomads and coworking spaces alike can foster positive social and environmental impact.

Host: Maria Bianca Vega
Guest: Stephanie Arrowsmith, Founding Partner – VSS: A Vision Strategy & Storytelling Company


14 Sep 2016

Coworking Tips: How to set up a profitable coworking space

Hear about how 91springboard set up their profitable coworking spaces in India. With seven spaces running and three in the pipeline, Arun will discuss the coworking business model, basics of supply-side economics, demand estimation, and complex trade-offs & decision making. Q&A to follow!

Host: Maria Bianca Vega
Guest: Arun Patro from 91Springboard India


10 Aug 2016

Coworking Tips: Crafting your niche identity

Join Michaela as she speaks about having a niche identity for your coworking space. Taking the example of Woolf Works in Singapore — a coworking space for female freelancers and entrepreneurs — she will talk about how the niche came about, how it was crafted, and how she reached out to the niche as well as the consequences of being very niche (good and bad!).

Host: Maria Bianca Vega
Guest: Michaela Anchan, Woolf Works Founder and Director