The Best Hard Floor Maintenance Guide

The Best Hard Floor Maintenance Guide

Keeping your hardwood floors in tip-top shape is a smart move. Aside from adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home, a beautiful hardwood floor will make it last for decades to come. It’s not too hard to take care of a wooden floor; it just takes a little know-how. Check this to find reputable sports flooring companies in UAE.

Clean your wood at least once a week:

It would help if you cleaned your wood floor at least once a week, but more often is better. This will prevent the buildup of dirt and debris. Door mats and a vacuum can also prevent grit from entering your home. Using a dehumidifier, you can also maintain humidity levels during the summer months.

It would help if you had a plan in place:

A lot of hazing and dust bunnies can collect on your floor, so it’s a good idea to have a plan in place. If you have a hardwood floor with a protective layer, this will help reduce the hazing you’ll experience. Keep your furniture away from the floors if possible. This will help ensure that you are not dragging them across the floors and minimize the chance of nicks and scratches.

Remove the dust:

You can do several things to increase the longevity of your hardwood floor, but one of the most important is to remove the dust. You can do this by vacuuming your floor at least twice a week or dusting it off a few times a month. If your hardwood floors are polyurethane coated, you can use a steam mop to help loosen up the dust. If you need more confidence about using a steam mop, consider purchasing a vacuum with a microfiber attachment. This type of mop reaches tight spots and doesn’t damage your wood surface.

Invest in floor mat:

You should invest in a floor mat, which can stop grit from entering your home. However, it would help if you were careful not to purchase a rubber-backed floor mat, as this can react with some finishes. You should also check with your floor manufacturer before making a purchase. The best mats will be natural or color-fast, as they’ll keep dirt and grime from getting into your home.