“Our mission is to unlock possibilities”

The Working Capitol
Keong Saik and Robinson, Singapore

At The Working Capitol, we believe in challenging conventions. By doing that, we are able to unlock possibilities for our members, our staff and the communities we operate in. Our diversity defines us. As a member of The Working Capitol's community, you work alongside some of the brightest minds in a variety of industries, plus have access to a slate of professional services and partnerships designed to help your business grow.

Learn more about the elements of the TWC community here. Beyond the people you meet, our community is defined by experiences and exposure to new ideas. Our original TWC programs serve as the base for the TWC community experience.

The Working Capitol has currently two locations:
The funky mothership in Chinatown’s Keong Saik Road and the more mature version in Robinson Road in the CBD. The two spaces may be different in style - Keong Siak Road is dubbed “poster-child for hip New Singapore” by Lonely Planet, whereas the CBD location is in a brand new building - they both share the same community vibe and love for detail.


Location 1
Keong Saik
1 Keong Saik Road,
Singapore 089109

Location 2
Robinson (Reception at level 4)
140 Robinson Road,
Singapore 068907  

Phone: +65 6850 5005
[email protected]


Food & Drinks:

x Free Coffee, Tea & Drinking Water

x Kitchen/Pantry with Snacks

x Onsite Café, Restaurant, Bar



x Networking Events

x Facebook

x Partnership perks for F&B

x Hospitality, Software & Services



x Dedicated Offices (1-200 pax)

x Meeting Room

x Phone Booth

x Storage Space

x Member’s Lounge


Equipment & Services

x Business Address

x Printer & Scanner

x IT services



x 24/7 access

x Wheelchair accessibility

x Public Transport Connection


Fun Stuff:

x Pool access

x Ping-Pong

x Chill-out Area