We want you to be a part of CAAP.
And by “be a part of CAAP”, we mean that.

Join the Coworking Alliance of Asia Pacific

Coworking spaces that are filled with people who don’t participate in the community are, more accurately, serviced offices. It is the people… and their interaction… that sets our industry apart.

Similarly, an industry body that has no active participation of its members is… frankly, not something CAAP aspires to me. Membership necessitates engagement.

CAAP requires a Membership Commitment from each member, which means agreeing to a few principles and to doing 1 hour work per space. No, that’s not much! But if your team can’t manage to do that, then it becomes clear that this is not a particularly valuable partnership to you. Make sense?

In exchange? CAAP membership is (almost) free at $50/year, or less than $1 a week!

CW Space Membership
Active Membership
/year + Participation
Full page business profile
Logo on Members Page
Discount on CU Asia Tickets
Access to Partner Deals for you and your members
Monthly Founders Call
Apply to CAAP

^^ The fee can be waived as part of CU Asia sponsorship.
** CAAP Membership Fee is based on a firm commitment of each space partner to be active participants in CAAP. See the Membership Commitments outlined here.