4 Steps Process To Paint Your House

4 Steps Process To Paint Your House

There are several steps to painting a house. This article will discuss preparation, pre-paint repair, and the first coat. There are a few more steps that you may want to know. But first, you need to hire a professional villa painting company in Dubai; here are the basics. Hopefully, this will help you make an informed decision.


While it is possible to save money by hiring a professional painter, some people prefer to do the preparation work themselves. In many cases, completing the task yourself is easy, and you can save a bundle on labor costs! Here are some tips for painting your house:

Before starting the painting process, you’ll want to clean up any spots that may need repairs. Generally, you can use a duster and warm water to clean the walls. You can also power wash exterior walls.

Pre-paint repair work:

It is important to complete any pre-paint repair work to ensure your paint adheres properly and will not peel. These repairs may include snapping loose siding into place, replacing rotted wood, or patching small blemishes with wood putty. Typically, you will need an orbital sander or power washer, caulking gun, and exterior epoxy wood filler. Once the repairs are complete, you can proceed to the painting process.

First coat:

Whether you want to repaint your house or freshen up an interior wall, you can always apply a fresh coat of paint to the wall. Two coats will be needed to give the best results depending on the surface and its condition. While one coat may appear sufficient, it will not last for long. Adding a second coat will extend the paint’s life and give your wall an attractive finish.

Before applying the second coat of paint, you must prep the surface for it. The first coat of paint is a cover-up layer underneath the final coat. It comes in light and dark shades, and you can choose either one according to the color of the walls. First coats are usually oil-based and can be applied to the exterior and interior surfaces. Exterior-grade first coats should be applied several times for even coverage. I hope this information will help you paint your home perfectly.