Coworking Academy

Everything you wanted to know about opening and operating a coworking space but were afraid to ask, brought to you by some of the world’s best coworking teams. Filmed during CU Asia 2016, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Product Market Fit: Everything you need to know about Community

Being intentional about the people you want to attract will shape everything that follows. Find out everything you need to know about Community from Alex Hillman and Adam Teterus, founder and leader of Indyhall, the longest-running coworking space in the USA.

Presented by:
Alex Hillman & Adam Teterus,
IndyHall, USA

Ted’ing your brand: Your brand says a lot about you

Work through a number of critical points with Matthias Schueking,the CMO at The Working Capitol Singapore, to make sure your brand narrative is clear and you attract the right people to your community.

Presented by:
Matthias Schuecking
CMO at The Working Capitol, Singapore

Thriving Community: What you can do to attract amazing people to your space

Having a strong and vibrant community is critical to making your business a success in all senses of the word. There is no cookie-cutter approach to building  an environment where a community can feel comfortable, grow and flourish. But there are a few key ingredients, on how to boom a community.

Presented by:
Josh Lipscombe
Event & Community Manager at Inspire9, Australia

Spornsorhsip & Partnership: Why coworking spaces are one of the best experiential marketing opportunities of the 21st century.

This talk covers two really important things to consider when looking into sponsorships and partnerships with external parties:
1) Companies don’t part with money that easily, period.
2) Free stuff is not worth breaking your community over.

Mike (the brain behind goes through all this in awesome detail, with examples, stories and actual contract templates. Watch now to see how to build beneficial partnerships that benefit everyone, and can eventually add to your bottom line.

Presented by:
Mike LaRosa,
Co-founder of Communitas

Real estate: … or how not to get screwed on your lease

This talk by Arun Patro gives you an overview of some of the different options for lease structures, and some things to think about when approaching your first lease. Not the most glamorous side of coworking, but arguably one of the critical elements to get right.

Presented by:
Arun Patro

Tech Tools: Helpful tools to run a coworking space

In this video, Kasia Triantafelo, Business Manager at Hubud, will give you an introduction to some of the tools Hubud has decided to use over the course of 4 years running a busy coworking space. Hubud experimented with many and these are the ones they are (currently) using. It doesn’t mean they will all be correct for your space, but this talk really helps to bring some clarity to an important decision. 

Presented by: Kasia Triantafelo
Business Manager at Hubud, Bali, Indonesia

Design in the Space: Design secret to enhance collaboration in your space

In this talk, Sombat Ngamchalermsak, gives you insight into his past projects, working with several Coworking Spaces, Air B’n’B and Google. He emphasizes how Space Design is more than just a stylish desk and pretty looking lamps. His successful work focuses on Space Design that creates community touch points and creates identity and character for the work space.

Presented by:
Sombat Ngamchalermsak
Cofounder of Paperspace, Bangkok, Thailand


A guide to good partnerships for Coworking space managers

Christopher Fahle, the founder of Beta, giving a presentation about finding and retaining good partnerships for Coworking space managers. Choosing the best ones, negotiating and measuring partners’ impact on your community and business as a coworking space.

Presented by:
Christopher Fahle
Founder of Beta

Coliving: Trends to know and mistakes to avoid

This talk by Daniel Beck helps us better understand how to work our way around Coliving. The trends to follow and the mistakes to avoid in the process.

Presented by:
Daniel Beck                                                                                       Founder of



Online marketing for Coworking spaces

In this video, Loshini Selvarajah talks about how Coworking spaces can best use online marketing to grow and sustain that growth.

Presented by:

Loshini Selvarajah

Business development manager of

Coworking tech essentials

This talk by Ryan Chatterton is all about the technologies a coworking space needs.

Presented by:
Ryan chatterton
Founder and editor of The Coworking insights

Build and lead a Kickass team

This talk by Lavinia Iosub teaches us how to build a team and how to have the leadership over that team.

Presented by:
Lavinia Iosub                                                                                          Chief troublemaker at Livit Bali


Building an awesome Coworking community

In this video, Ashley proctor elaborates on how to build an awesome coworking community.

Presented by:

Ashley Proctor

GCUC Canada

Alex Hillman at coworking academy

This talk by Alex Hillman, founder of Indyhall Philadelphia is about all the ins and outs of the coworking industry.

Presented by:
Alex Hillman                                                                                      Founder of Indyhall Philadelphia

Coliving: Trends to know and mistakes to avoid

In this talk, Maria Kinoshita talks about the world of Coliving. She talks about what trends are currently worth looking at. She gives examples of mistakes that have been made in the past so that you don’t have to make them in the future.

Presented by:
Maria Kinoshita                                                                                  Founder of Nomad Coliving

Creating a location appropriate offering that motivates people to join your space: What does the research tell us?

In this talk, Anita Fuzi talks about creating a location appropriate offering that motivates people to join your space. She also goes deeper into what researches have been done and what we can learn from them. 

Presented by:
Anita Fuzi                                                                                              Adviser at Cowork 7×24

The Art of Place-making: Communicate, collaborate, engage

This talk by Laurence Loh is all about Place-Making. how to communicate in a better way, collaborate an engage.

Presented by:
Laurence Loh                                                                                    Director of Think City

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