CAAP was created during CU Asia 2016, as a platform to expand learning and networking opportunities for operators and their teams across the Asia Pacific region. It is the region’s largest coworking association.

CAAP helps industry operators share their best practices, and to encourage the human connections that make our industry unique. It does this through a mix of online events and in-person meetups around the region, with CU Asia being the plan-your-life-around-itevent of the Asian coworking scene.

Meet the CAAP team

They are a curious bunch, and all focus on one key question:

Steve Munroe

Are we making coworking in Asia Pacific better?

Vitto Christaldi

Are we delivering on our promises?

Maria A. Triwahyuni

Hand Shaker
Are we supporting our partners?

Carmen Weibler

Are we helping out members learn, share and connect?

The CAAP Team is based out of Hubud, in Bali Indonesia – a founding CAAP member and early driver of the project. 


Have any questions? We've got the answers.

When did CAAP start?

CAAP was formed in January 2016, after a year of discussions following the first CU Asia event in Bali, Indonesia.

What was the inspiration for CAAP?

Honestly, not wanting CU Asia to end! During the event in 2015, people found that they felt so connected to their peers, and they were learning so much that they could bring back to their businesses and communities, that they didn’t want it to end.

CAAP was a way to expand and extend the networking and learning opportunities from CU Asia throughout the year.

How does CAAP support successful coworking?

By supporting founders and teams to be resilient, inspired and equipped to run financially successful, socially valuable businesses that anchor the entrepreneurial ecosytem in their communities. Now, try saying THAT five times fast!

Teams that are passionate about coworking aim to create a nurturing environment for their members where they can be supported, learn from each other and draw on shared resources to all do better in their businesses and careers. CAAP aims to do the same for the teams themselves… community building for community builders… through peer to peer learning, shared tools and somewhere to celebrate our shared successes.


I want to open a coworking space, but I have so many questions I don’t know where to start

CAAP runs Coworking Academy, a standalone event held at the same time as CU Asia. If you are new to the business, that is an unparalleled opportunity to learn from industry leaders about all aspects of opening a new space. Plus it is in Penang this year!

Besides that, we have videos of some of the sessions from last years event here, along with other resources and information we curated for you to get you started.