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{Live Webinar} Keeping Your Identity: Managing Several Spaces

Mingle @ Bombay Connect - Mumbai, India

Ash Goenka, Founder of Mingle and Bombay Connect

Join Ash as he shares the ins and outs of managing 5 coworking spaces in Mumbai. Amidst the growing crowd of startup youth, it comes with a unique set of challenges -- the idea of community; extending the community; and reaching outside of the community's comfort zone. In these spaces we ask, "How is collaboration fostered?" How are individuals experiencing personal growth?"

Ash will go through the challenges and solutions he experiments with:

1. Sometimes community is just a word!
2. Challenges of building and managing a single coworking community across different sites.
3. Extending your community beyond your spaces' walls.
4. Reaching out to other communities, outside your target market.

More about Ash: 

The Mingler in Chief at Mingle. He makes it his responsibility to know every single person working across our 5 coworking spaces. He also make coffee, fix broadband issues, connect people to other people, organise and host events, manage a growing team, and try to maintain a semblance of sanity.


Date: Thursday, July 14, 2016
Time: 13:30 (Singapore, Bali, Beijing) UTC +8

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