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{Live Webinar} How to set up a profitable coworking space

91 springboard - India

Arun Patro, 91springboard

Hear about how 91springboard set up their profitable coworking spaces in India. With seven spaces running and three in the pipeline, Arun will discuss the coworking business model, basics of supply side economics, demand estimation, and complex trade-offs & decision making. Q&A to follow!

Four Main points: 

1. Coworking Financial Model, 

2. Customer Preferences,

3. Commercial Real Estate, Location Selection,

4. Hub Set-up fundamentals from a business perspective etc.

More about Arun:
91springboard is currently India's largest coworking space. Arun heads the Strategic Expansion team which is in charge of setting up new hubs through various partnerships.

Date: September 15, 2016

Time: 11:30 (Singapore, Bali, Beijing) GMT+8h

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