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{Live Webinar} - How to run a Startup Weekend and why

Andrei Beno - Snaplio

Andrei Beno, Startup Weekend Facilitator

Andrei of Snaplio has a role of facilitating Startup Weekends around the world, making sure that a great experience is consistently delivered to every single participant. He helps the local organizing teams during and prior to the event with hosting presentations, workshops, and mentoring - working together with organizers towards reaching the event's objective.

He'll be speaking about these points on SUW:

1. Practicalities: Failing to plan is planning to fail -venue, marketing, food, documenting the event
2. Mission: SW is all about learning - networking, energy level, validation, keeping it fun
3. Community: It all starts from one, but requires many - mentors, partners, events
4. Following-up: Starting the fire is hard, but keeping it burning enough is harder - prizes, follow-up events, next steps after SW

More about Andrei:

Attending his first Startup Weekend was the biggest trigger for him becoming an entrepreneur. he participated in and hosted several more SWs since then, and want to share a series of tips and practical advices with others - so that we can all build an even better community of entrepreneurs and change makers. He spends mos tof his time with -- a marketplace that gives travelers an easier option to find, compare and book a local photographer when they are traveling to SE Asia

Date: December 8, 2016

Time: 3pm GMT+8h (Singapore, Perth, Bali)

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