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{Live Webinar} How I closed a $250,000 sponsorship deal in 13 days

Coworkaholic - Washington, DC

Mike LaRosa, Cofounder at Coworkaholic

Join Mike in this live, interactive webinar on how to develop and execute an effective partnership and sponsorship strategy.  During this talk, Mike will share:

1) How to understand your different value properties and how to articulate them

2) What you need for a powerful, eye-catching sponsorship deck

3) Best practises for getting top leads and converting them into deals

4) How to create awesome deals that provide value to you, your community and your sponsor

The webinar will be followed by a live Q and A with Mike.

More about Mike: An aquarius, only child, 2nd generation entrepreneur and international speaker, he is the Founder & Managing Partner of Wayfarer Advisory Group and Co-Founder & Publisher of Coworkaholic Omnimedia.

Never in one place for too long, Mike enjoys traveling the world; discovering new cultures and exploring new and unique cuisines when on the road supporting clients around the globe.  Best described as a "recovering event planner", these days you'll more than likely find him attached to coworking related projects. Whether he's consulting on opening a location, helping existing spaces become more profitable or leading fellow coworkaholics on tours of spaces from Berkeley, CA to Bali, Indonesia, his mission is to spread the word about the "Future of Work".


Date: May 26, 2016
Time: 930am (Singapore, Bali, Beijing) UTC +8

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