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{Live Webinar} How (and Why) We Ran 371 Events in a Year

Hubud - Bali, Indonesia

Vitto Christaldi, Events Maestro at Hubud

Join the live webinar with Vitto, the maestro behind all the events in HUBUD Bali. During this webinar, Vitto will share on the following subjects, followed by live Q&A:

1) Building out your events calendar
2) Events as a core reflection of strategy, making sure events serve your core business objectives.
3) The basics matter and the "Cold Beer' theory of event organization
4) Nurturing the sharing community in your coworking space

About the Presenter
Vitto Christaldi is the Events Manager of HUBUD. He has organised more than 800 events in the last 2 years, 371 events only in 2015. He is also the initiator and the Party Captain of Invasion Ubud, the biggest monthly pool party in Ubud, Bali.

Date: April 16th
Time: 4:00 pm (Singapore/Bali/Beijing) GMT +8

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