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{Live Webinar} Crafting Your Niche Identity

Woolf Works - Singapore

Michaela Anchan, Woolf Works Founder and Director

Join Michaela as she speaks about having a niche identity for your coworking space. Taking the example of Woolf Works in Singapore -- a coworking space for female freelancers and entrepreneurs -- she will talk about how the niche came about, how it was crafted, and how she reach out to the niche as well as the consequences of being very niche (good and bad!).

Four Main Points

1. How she came to craft their niche - where did it come from.

2. How she reaches that niche.

3. Consequences of being a very niche space.

4. General advantages of the female market for coworking spaces

More about Michaela:
Michaela is the founder and director of Woolf Works, overseeing systems and processes, making sure everyone is communicating smoothly, while also putting a lot of time into building partnerships as well as spreading the word about the awesome community. She also runs the programme's branch, Catalyst.

Date: August 11, 2016

Time: 11:00 (Singapore, Bali, Beijing) GMT+8h

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