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{Live Webinar} Coworking Spaces and
NSR (Nomad Social Responsibility)


Stephanie Arrowsmith, Founding Partner of VSS: A Vision Strategy & Storytelling Company

How can nomads and coworking spaces create positive impact in their local communities? In the business world we have CSR and B-Corp certification to keep ourselves accountable to a standard. So NSR - Nomad Social Responsibility is about shifting the global flow of people, knowledge and capital into a force for good. Learn more about this movement with Stephanie Arrowsmith of Vennture and specific ways that nomads and coworking spaces alike can foster positive social and environmental impact through their programs, practices, design and connection to the local community.

She will be covering these points followed by a live Q&A:

1. What is NSR?
2. Why we need NSR
3. What can you do as a digital nomad?
4. What can you do as a coworking space?

She will also be speaking at's Digital Nomad Conference in October 27-28, Bangkok, so take a sneak preview in this webinar and check out the Facebook group below.

More about the speaker:
Stephanie is a project consultant at Vennture, incubating purpose driven enterprises and designing innovative models of public-private partnerships for social impact in Southeast Asia. Passionate about the coworking, collaboration and location independence.

Date: Thursday, October 13, 2016

Time: 14:00 (Singapore, Bali, Beijing) GMT+8h

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