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{Live Webinar} Coworking in Nature: Trends and Opportunities

Diana Moret: Founder of PandoraHub

Asia Pacific is no foreign destination for 'workations' holding space for entrepreneurs and freelancers to work close to nature's serentity. Diana Moret will speak about the challanges of working in the environment and remote locations; megatrends from data gathered by space operators and users; and how to identify opportunities in shifting sand.

1) Challenges on getting traction
2) Opportunities and megatrends (workation, nature and nomads).
3) Combining rural and urban Fremium models (free space and satelite services)

What is Pandorahub?

Pandorahub is a rural revival and repopulation movement addressed to startups, digital nomads and makers. Their main activity is startup acceleration camps in rural areas and abandoned villages mainly in Spain and also Bali.

About the Presenter
Diana is a rural shaker and human centred designer, nature and animal lover. Participant in Tribewanted Bali 2015, ex UX consultant for Multiplica and Everis, initial promoter of Un día de Nassos and co-founder at DJs against Hunger.

Date: Thursday, 28 July 2016
Time: 16:00 GMT+8h

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