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{Live Blab} Live Chat with Grace Sai about Rapid Growth

Special Guest: Grace Sai, Hub Singapore
Host: Steve Munroe, ACA

Monthly Blab

This month we are joined by Grace Sai, Cofounder and CEO of Hub Singapore. Over the last year, Grace has partnered with an investor, move into a 2x larger space and is currently preparing to open her 2nd location in Singapore.

What is a Blab?

Blab is an (awesome) conversation platform, that allows for 2-4 people to participate in a live online conversation and others to watch. During CAAP Blabs, we will have a conversation and invite people to 'hop in' the call throughout the hour.


More on Grace Sai

Grace is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Hub Singapore, Singapore's largest co-working community of entrepreneurs, creatives and techies. She is regarded as the node of entrepreneurship ecosystem in Asia and speaks widely on that topic. Interested in ecosystem building and policy development for startups and social enterprises, she has been invited by the 

Prime Minister’s Offices in Singapore and Malaysia, Angela Merkel, Mayor Park, amongst others; to share her inputs. She also sits on the Advisory Board for Ben & Jerry's Singapore, an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD and a TEDx Singapore speaker. She was also the founder of Books for Hope, a social enterprise in childrens' education in Indonesia.

Grace has been nominated as a Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum (2013), 40 Under 40 by Prestige Singapore (2014) and is a UN Women Entrepreneurship Day Ambassador. She now resides in Singapore and has an MBA from University of Oxford where she graduated with Distinction and was a Skoll Scholar (funded by Jeff Skoll, the co-founder of eBay).

Date: April 26th, 2016

Time: 11am (Singapore, Bali, Beijing) UTC +8

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