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{Live Blab} Calling all Operations Managers!

Special Guest: Poy Jaroenlersjanya, Hubba, Bangkok

Host: Steve Munroe, ACA

Monday Meetups

Join our chat with Supranee Jaroenlersjanya ('Poy'), the Operations Manager at Hubba in Bangkok where we'll talk about some of the biggest challenges she has faced in her role over the last 2 years.  Any magic secrets she has learned?  Any giant fails she may be willing to share?  Hop on the Blab and find out.

Who is this for: Operations Managers, obviously!  But it is also for anyone playing that role, or other team members who want to share some learning about how to improve workflow, deliver a smoother user experience and avoid going (completely) crazy over some of the crappy details involved in managing a shared space.

What is a Blab? Blab is an (awesome) conversation platform, that allows for 2-4 people to participate in a live online conversation and others to watch. During ACA Blabs, we will have a conversation and invite people to 'hop in' the call throughout the hour. Sign up for an account.

Date: June 9 2016

Time: 1:30 (Singapore, Bali, Beijing) UTC +8

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