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Coworking Tips: How to Increase Community Engagement Through Creative Events (Live Webinar)

Events play a huge role in creating connections and keeping people engaged at your coworking space. The planning process doesn't have to be stressful and can be a fun way to connect with your community. Learn what kinds of events you can create and how to plan them seamlessly, so you can focus on the things you do best.

About Kyrie Melnyck
Kyrie is an ocean loving digital nomad and freelance event consultant who is passionate about the future of remote work. She is a Co-Founder of 7in7, a conference focused on making long term digital nomad life better, that is taking place over 7 years on all 7 continents (Antarctica too!)

About CAAP
Coworking Alliance Asia Pacific (CAAP) was formed in 2016 to support and promote collaborative coworking across the region. The idea was to create a networking and learning platform for coworking space operators and enthusiasts, and provide a consolidated point of contact for companies and organisations who are interested to connect into the coworking ecosystem in Asia Pacific and beyond.

Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Time: 2pm GMT+8h (Singapore, Perth, Bali

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